Delano Public Schools, 763-972-3365

Independent School District 879 boasts a 106-acre public school campus with three buildings housing 2280 students.

Our students have exceeded state graduation standards and state test scores for many years, and a high percentage of our graduates continue on to post-secondary education.

Learn more about Independent School District 879.  To visit Delano School District's website, click here.

In addition to having excellent Public Schools, there are more educational resources available in our community!

St. Peter's School


St Peter's School, 763-972-2528
St. Peter’s School stands for excellence.  The staff works diligently to develop in students the skills and knowledge that are the basis of a strong Catholic education and academic program. St Peter's School offers enriching experiences and opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically in a caring environment, providing a foundation our students can stand upon for the rest their lives. For more information about St Peter's School, click here.


Mt Olive Lutheran School, 763-972-2442Mt. Olive School
Mt Olive Lutheran School offers a private-based, Lutheran education in Delano, with excellent educational services. Mt Olive Lutheran Church, a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), operates Mt Olive Lutheran School, which has been offering a Christian education to children for more than 40 years. The staff of Mt Olive is dedicated to providing excellent educational services to children and their parents so that each child can take their place in society as the salt of the earth.

An experienced staff serves 3 to 4 year old children in preschool classes and older children through grade 8 in a loving, yet disciplined atmosphere. A teacher to student ratio of approximately 1 to 15 allows teachers to give each student the attention they so richly deserve and need.

In addition to instruction from the Bible, Mt Olive's high academic standards are passed on to students in each class, through access to technology and exposure to the arts. Students also have opportunities to participate in athletics, choir, forensics, and scholastic competitions throughout the school year.  For more information on Mt. Olive Lutheran School, click here.

Community Education, 763-972-6210Community Education Building
The Community Education program in Delano is fully developed, continually expanding, and includes Early Childhood Family Education. Community Ed is committed to the spirit of lifelong learning. They provide a wide range of learning opportunities for the over 8000 residents they serve. Click here to visit the Delano Community Education website.


Great River Regional Library System,  Delano Library, 763-972-3467 New Library Sign
The Delano Public Library is a part of the Great River Regional Library System. Website: griver.org It is housed in a former downtown location of the State Bank of Delano on the corner of 2nd St. and Railroad Ave., across the alley from the Post Office  The former vault makes a unique niche for the young adult collection.  The library staff is friendly and eager to serve their patrons.  Internet access is available on library computers (by reservation), or bring your own laptop for Wi-Fi use.

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