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Delano Spirit of Community Trail

The Spirit of Community is not only the City’s motto; it also captures the essence of what it means to be a citizen of Delano. To commemorate this ‘spirit’ - which has long existed throughout history in those who dwell here - a ‘Spirit of Community Trail’ has been created. The Trail highlights the history of people and places we now call Delano. To commemorate this ‘spirit’ a new “Spirit of Community Trail” has been created. The Trail highlights the history of places and people that have made Delano the gem it is today.

The first phase of the Trail includes 16 sites, which are marked by bronze medallions in the sidewalk and plaques on the corresponding building or post. First, download a QR code reader on your smart phone. Start at the old Village Hall, then follow the Trail and scan the code on the plaque to learn more about the history of that location.

The City of Delano and local organizations have worked together to create the Spirit of Community Trail in preparation for the 150th anniversary. Future phases of the Trail will be added until the year 2026, Delano's sesquicentennial! The Committee hopes to expand the Trail to other parts of town and invites local businesses, nonprofits, and individuals to join!

As people venture outside their community, we invite them to visit Delano and share our ‘Spirit’ and walk the Trail.